im with you

by katrina gallagher

why do you cry every night when you know im still with you. why do you fell like theres nothing to live for when you got everything. you got love, you got hope . you have all i wanted but the people just pulled me down i tried to gain strengh but it wasnt enough for me. dont cry hold tight you will be just fine hold on to what you got hold on every time if you fell sad just stand tall and proud i know i want you to be strong you better than that i love you and i need you to stay strong dont fall like i did and then them mske you fell down cause your grest there late its the 21 centrury they know its wrong but they just like it but just remember your better thsn sll they sad lot hold tight just dont fall down to the ground rise to the sky and fly all day long and they will see that they were wrong to mess with my love because i love you and i knew thst you would beat them you didnt do what i done i just want you to knoe i am right here with you even though im gone im in your heart and in this song stay strong dont fsll down i love you and no matter what i am i am with you so be the best you can hold on tight now i love you so remember they aint better than you

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