I'm tired of

by james cook
(Viet nam)

I'm tired of NEW
by: James Cook

I'm tired of living worester than Philpians Moma ya still American Dreaming Boy you Just keep on Beliving, But Moma we ain't even eattin'and it's no bed for sleepin' so momma i'm leavin' boy are ya possessed by a demon, i thought my pop was a semen boykeep on dreamin' 1st name steven last name heathen I'm tired of of crackers giving me dirty looks when i snatch there pocket books i'm tire of them callin' me a crook, but when i'm locked drown i five star cook. i'm tired of being poor robbin' lickerz storez spend all my money on dirty ass whores i like it when they get on all fours, i'm tired of being a black mack, i'm tired of the setbacks I'm tired of wearin' a number on my back, I'm tired of payin' Uncle Sams tax I'm tired of my Uncle Jack smoking crack until his lips turn purple and black i'm tired ofand thts fact kat I'm tired of wiping my people off the map i 'm straped and mentaly traped i'm tired of all the gangster rap katz i'm tired of black against black , i just wanna royality check that says God Bless can get me out of all of this mess like i have a big S on my chest, i'm tired and i need some rest, i ngotta look my best i'm tired of beind broke just wanna put a gun to my throat i lost all hope i think i need too talk to a pope,i'm tired of being strung out on dope, i'm tried of riding in broken drown pontanic lookin' like a broke ass hack stepout my car ya about to get to get smack, i'm tired of waitin' 4 my contract mr. russlle ya bout to get kid napped tie ya up and throw ya ass in back jack ya pink catilac pop in the A track it's the return of the Mack i'm tried of no human rights no civil rights didn't Martin and Malcolm pay the price when i can't even buy bag of rice brothra in hood living trif DBoys on corner pushin' the white hustlin' all living the thug life, i'm tired of boxin' Jason looking into eyez of satan talking to Pastor Mason is it better Place end....

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