I'm Sorry

by Taylin Hathaway

Verse 1:
Your sky was a different kind of blue
I hope I’ll find someone like you
But since you’ve been gone
My heart’s built walls around him
So even though I’ve moved on
I can’t let love in anymore
They’ve tried to make their way in
But my heart won’t open up the door

I’m sorry for the things I said
You were smiling at her
We were hanging by a thread
The way I lost my mind
That’s not who I am
I thought you’d never loved me
I’m sorry, I’m sorry

Verse 2:
When he came along
That’s when it all went wrong
I should’ve seen it coming my way
And I wonder why would you believe
Anything at all he’d have to say
He was just a liar, set us on fire
And now we’ll be burning forever
I should’ve known baby
I’m sorry, I’m sorry

I’m sorry for the things I said
Our green light turned red
The way I loved you
Your beautiful blue eyes
All I know is I’ve finally realized
That you loved me
I’m sorry, I’m sorry

Verse 3:
We used to be on the same page
Now we’re not even on the same line
If I had said I loved you
By now you’d probably be mine
Now we’re from a different story
I’m sorry, I’m sorry

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