If only my words

by Ren

If only my words could be like black on white , maybe you wouldve known our love could survive the fight.

Now sitting here with a burned out cigarette and empty heart,
Maybe your wish came true that i got dealt the Joker card.

Dusk and dawn you still be my queen and i will always be ur pawn.

But our love can survive the fight , if only you would just keep on holding tight.

Rivers and streams might flow and sound alike,
But never i will be that guy driving away from u on his bike/)))

Letters makes words, words makes sentences, and sentences makes our love become so true:/:

So why not just let me love you like i know i can,
Cause leaving it alone just wont make me feel im a man :)(

And maybe one day when its raining and i go down on bended knee,
That true love is the only truth i can see, now and forever my love is oh so strong and will protect us forever ...

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