I want to be

by Azel Bedoya
(Midsayap, Cotabato)

My mind is wondering
will i survive?
Can I take one step forward?
Ohhhh Let me go there
That star I want to be

ohhh I want to step here
ohhh how long will I stay here?
Will you see more of me
if I stay here up

There's always someone out there
better than me
but I wann be here
Ohh this feels so good
I need a rest but im happy
shine like the stars my dream baby
will you be there for me?

Ohhh this life is so hard
ohhhh I want to be out of this game
Im sorry I though it was worth it
This was supposed to be great
the burden is too much
What did i do to you?

ohhh III'm sorry I thought you will be there with me on top
ohhhhh I think I will eat it all up
I don't care anymore
I will stand on my own.
I'm sorry...
This is I want to be

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