I want out

Dreams of BMW pretend that it is yours.
While unsatisfied with 25 likes.
Too conscious of your post for the world to see.
And haven forbids someone likes mine.

I want out
I want out now…

Complain about pollution while drinking bottle water.
If you don’t understand then it isn’t true.
There is no mirror to good you
And if I gain a pound you walk out.

I want out
I want out… now…

Declare your concern for poverty while watching the Kardashians.
All fears based on the facade
And all you want is what you don’t have.
Hypocrisy and Envy are too weak to clarify

I want out
I want out now…

Yeah… yeah you are a deadbeat dad
And $200 is not enough for a child to survive.

I want out
I want out
I want out now…

Now take the 25 likes and shove them up your ass
Because all the garbage in your head makes me ailing.
And I will eat my m&m while looking at the mirror
While you go to your f*&king country to never come back.

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