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Chicago's Best Songwiter

Chicago's Best Songwiter

Songwriter Beece, was born and raised on the south side of Chicago,IL. The middle son of his parents and the one that has the gift of writing music and soon will be on top where he belong. Beece began writing music at the tender age of eleven. He started out rapping first. He landed a few mixtapes and was featured on many unsigned rappers/singers songs in his community. He performed all around his home state even in the states of Atlanta,GA and Milwaukee,WI. But now Beece decided to put rap aside and focus on songwriting. He say he really don't want the spotlight anyways and love writing music more. He was blessed to have many talents and writing music happens to be one of em. He wrote so many songs for unsigned artist in his community but never had the chance to work with any major artist yet. His influences are R Kelly, Ne-Yo, The Dream and Ryan Leslie. Beece has songs for almost any artist such as Raheem DeVaughn, Trey Songz, Ronald Isely, Ciara, Sade, Jeremih and many more. Beece have what it takes to be a powerful source in the music industry and soon the world will see.

Contact: staincityrecords@yahoo.com

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