Hold on Me

by Michelle Messer
(Oakdale,LA. USA)

Late at night
I hear the thunder, a heart beat
as your body lyes next to mine,
It's your heart beat a rumble n chime
a battle of heart and mind,
Can't fight the feelin
a wave of emotion , your electric
games, it's in the signs
gotta get you outta my head.but instead
you gotta hold me, i can't believe
your just a dream, a fantasy all up in my bed
but the way you move,.. you got the groove
yeah, baby , gotta hold on me, hold on to me

I wake in the mornin, I open my eyes,
I can still hear you breathe, as if
you were next to me, your loves
gotta hold on me, i hear you callin,
out my name, is this a love that's in vain
or a moment in time, this is insane,
your loves gotta hold on me,
only a dream, just a dream

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