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Kristy Jackson

About Kristy Jackson

Kristy Jackson is a member of the BMI Millionaire club with performances of her songs exceeding 2 million airplays. She's had singles with artists on Universal, MCA and Giant Records most notable "Take It Back" recorded by Reba McEntire.

She burst onto the scene as an artist herself when a work tape of a song she'd written after 9/11, "Little Did She Know (She'd Kissed A Hero) became the #1 most requested song on the largest radio stations in New York City and other major markets in the fall of 2001.

Turning down a recording contract from Sony, she remained independent instead and raised over $31,000 for 9/11 related charities. Kristy always donates a percentage of sales of CDs to charities, currently Doctors Without Borders and Habitat For Humanity/New Orleans Musician's Village.

Kristy's television appearances have included CBS Early Morning Show, Inside Edition, CBS Sunday Morning, Xtra Entertainment and more. She's performed from the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN to the Nassau Coliseum in New York and has shared the stage with performers ranging from Mandy Moore & Jessica Simpson to the infamous songwriter David Wilcox.

Though an artist with a loyal following, she considers herself a songwriter first and is always looking for gifted artists to cut her songs and other innovative ways to license her music. Her music publishing company has a wide variety of material ranging from R&B to pop to country.

If you're looking for quality material to demo, contact Pam Conrad: pam@feverpitchmusic.com.

Editors Note: I called my friend and talented songwriter Kristy Jackson to ask her if she could come over to Asheville (she lives in the region) and hang with us at the Expo May 29-31 (2008). She said "YES" (way cool) and also that the legendary Patti Page had cut her song, "Little Did She Know." (WAY cool!) Here is Ms. Page singing it. —mJ

Patti Page -- "Little Did She Know"

Kristy Jackson -- "Take It Back"

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