Hit Songwriter Bios—Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams was born to be a songwriter. From an early age, she was surrounded by the music industry and songwriters in particular due to the rising success of her songwriting father, Kim Williams. Amanda learned the craft of writing by “sitting at the feet of the masters,” she says of her experiences observing her father and his co writers pen hit after hit in the early 90s. 

Amanda went on to study music formally at Berklee College of Music in Boston, earning a degree with honors in Music Business/Management in ʼ99. With the success of the Grammy nominated Beer Run recorded by Garth Brooks and George Jones which she penned with her father and several others in 2002, Amanda signed her first publishing deal with Sony ATV Tree. Over the next 8 years, Amanda wrote close to 500 songs, had songs recorded by various up and coming artists, and pursued a recording career of her own. 

During this time, Amanda realized that something different had to be done in order to steer her musical career in the direction she wanted to take it. The music industry landscape had changed drastically from the time of Kimʼs hay day in the early 90s, and she set out to find innovative solutions to the problems confronting traditional music publishing. 

Amanda started a weekly songwriterʼs night in Nashville known as Blue Monday which became the platform for many up and coming artists such as Trent Tomlinson, Ash Bowers, Matt Kennon, The Harters and others who went on to sign recording contacts with major labels. She was tapped by major network producers to hold private auditions for television shows such as Can You Duet for which she presented the duo, Steel Magnolia who would go on to win season two. 

Amandaʼs ear for talent is trusted by industry professionals and audiences alike. She is sought out by her peers because of her amazing talent and her penetrating insight into the changing face of the music industry. Considered by many to be the most gifted “undiscovered” artist in Nashville today, Amanda is poised on the precipice of international success, not only as a songwriter, but as a performing artist. 

Amanda electrifies the stage with her presence. Her ability to enchant audiences has led her to perform for international dignitaries at the celebration of former Mayor of Atlanta and United Nations Ambassador, Andrew Youngʼs 75th birthday party in 2006 along side former President Clinton & world renown poet, Maya Angelou. She has also shared the stage with artists such as Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, The Meters, Los Lobos, Lonestar, Big & Rich, James Otto, & the Chieftains. 

Hillbilly Culture, Amandaʼs new company, is turning the traditional music publishing world on its ear. “The old model of music publishing required a lot of waiting,” says Amanda. “We have the songs, we have the talent, and weʼre not afraid to take some chances and get that music out to the people who need it. We donʼt sit around and wait for something to happen. We make it happen for ourselves.”