his eyes reflect

by jp
(south africa)

Mixing in with water
He strares down the hole
-Looking at his eyes
You'd see
Where his heart has gone
You'll even see what tore him apart
Now his heart is somehwere in the hole

he sits in the shadows
Covering his feelings, somewhere in the mud,
-Where he buried himself
Everytime he fills the well

But she spills his heart on the floor
Empties his well, -where he can dig himself up again

He knows she's still there
He won't close the door

He'll keep filling up his well
The empty pit that shades his heart

His painting on the surface
Keeps turning into glass
-So are his eyes

The cracks they leave him with
-Scars he hides..
diluted in the water
They all pull him back
He gets back in his well
-adding another layer
push him back into dark
Where he feels at home...
Maybe his well means more when its dried up...

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