Hide and seek

by Vishwanath
(Chennai, india)

You feel like playing hide and seek. But you can never hide from me.
I know you cannot hide from me, you cannot run from me coz it's known as Sandv fever.
I got you tracking and I am just hacking. I can catch up the wave length that you got all over you.
You always transmit and now I am gonna render it. You play hide and seek and am soo sick with it.
I got a eye on you but you got both on me. I always tap you up but you always trap me down but I used to escape up and you never got fed up you know you lost it, you got to taste it. You always face it. US best Now I am on top of the world but I feel like I am falling, falling from that high. I loose even when I am winning coz you got me drowning. I am just Sooo sick and I am not a card on your deck. Now you just got a man's back up. You can put all your Mack up. I am on to wash it. You got to squash it. How u r gonna make it. You cannot just take it. So, try to hide from me try to, try to from me
try to hide from me try to, try to from me.
But you never ever gonna do anything

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