Her Charms

by Michael
(Plantsville, CT)

It’s late in the evening the sun is the sinking low.
A wolf begins to howl and it’s time to go
A full moon is rising, my fever is high.
She calls for me and I can’t deny.

She moves thru the darkness as a devil at night.
Appears like an angel in the silver light.
I’ll go thru hell till she whispers her charms.
On my way to heaven when I’m in her arms.

We move together like wind through the darkness.
Moonlight shining down from heaven upon us.
Our bodies entwine in hell fire consummation.
She’s my nightmare, my salvation.

Succubus holds me in desperate desire.
In a total eclipse, a nocturnal fire.
In her arms tonight I’ll lose all control.
Her whispered charms capture my body and soul

Mourning dawn I see the sun on the rise.
I see a shadow of the moon in her eyes.
Daylight shade she hides her face from the sun.
Until twilight to be on the run.

She haunts my daydreams til again I’m asleep.
I’ll pray for ever my soul she will keep.
Angel in darkness whisper your charms.
Devil woman hold me again in your arms

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