happy 21st ,I'm thankfull and greateful

(east london)

siveeeeee :)

siveeeeee :)

It is such an honour to be the one up here wishing u a very happy 21st birthday. Before you came along and entered my life I thought and even told myself that life couldn't be anymore perfect and that mine was complete. You are not perfect, no angel but to me, in my eyes I see a imperfect perfection and a wrapped blessing,I'm blessed but I'm mostly blind,at times not everything is vivid but you just seem to shine through every shit. Amazing friend,you have yet became a most valuable part of me.we are beyond attached,we are one. Made Amazing a word far from this universe. You support me through everything ,you understand me,you know me,you know that I have flaws,tons of them,I make mistakes,I'm not perfect..Everyone comes and go. Had a lot of chances and reasons to hate me and leave, but u made a decision to fucking stay.u such a strong,caring,loving person. Mostly you are one of a kind in each and every wierd and straight way,You are Supercalifragalisticexpiolodious, you the man bro. I respect the fact that u know exactly how I am but still love me and be my friend anyway. Thank you :). By the way this is not a song ppl, not yet... Its coming. Dedicated to an amazing friend #Sive Devol

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