Good rapper

by mulberry vuitton

I be like a good rapper,
they be like me mehn,
i be like a superstar,
and they be like copy cats x2

(verse 1)
waky waky waky waky,
do it like a star boss,
shaky shaky shaky shaky,
i wanna be a rap king,
i'm right on my good mood,
tryna do a big bang,
i'm already on the list,
man im getting to the top hood,
you tying to disgrace me,
i swear aint killing me,
you better gotta try else,
watch me escalating;
my blood group is music,
i'm always tryna don'it,
and if u wanna get my "M" group;
i know u need it,
u want, u want it,
come and get it, and get it,
and if u go get, go get it,
go on and share it, and share it,
to the less fortune, less fortune,
gotta be happy, be happy,
getting on top,
on top, on top of the game(game)

(chorus) x4

(verse 2)
Hello mr. triggered niggas,
n' u mr. bouncerless,
watch about security,
and dont forget about yourself,
cuz i can see all of u are shaken up,
by this damn; choral rhymless verses,
tonight aint boring,

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Jan 17, 2014
Good NEW
by: Anonymous

Nice kick mulberry vuitton! Young talent for sure!

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