Golden Mirror Armani

by Asa Windermere

Dropping cocktail names because they sound so sweet
Auntie's house last night too easy, score some at the meet
Wide-eyed and bright-eyed, the Heathers hands together like a prayer
Too bad for God, they have something else in mind
With Colgate smiles, down-low whispers, "You did?"

Moschino cherries, I never liked them
Poke them with your tongue, spill out red like blood
But tonight they looking pink, now white when I'm with the creme de la creme
We laughing, they bring new bottles of black
And down it goes, fire burning my tongue
Watch their smiles, mood fly up the track

Next day, the black come back with heaves too familiar
Toss that Voss down the sink
Look down, my Armani cracked like a glass now pink
And tonight now the white wash up on me again
With the Heathers who stay together and say,
"''cord this f&^ker, he about to ride on high that see the low
and now he smile, them Colgate teeth sinking deep"
Snow rush, cover my eyes, now it's cold
Colgate smile for me, they're sold

Foggy sight of my momma, she lookin' down with disbelief
She said, "Colgate teeth keep you happy, you got what you wanted
So lie there naked as you are and watch the golden wreath"
Watch that cracked mirror from above now stare back down
It rusts, turned that muddy metal that disgust me
Armani won, he took the squad car and left me 'neath his marquee

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