Gold Rush Town

by Nicole Westerhouse
(Indianapolis, IN)

I took my long journey west
To chase the gold dust
To chase that gold rush
Now I wonder if it's what's best for me
Cause the rest of me
Is falling apart at the seams

Everything is so fake here
Everyone's on the make here
Who is geunine
In this den of thieves?
Who honestly believes

Looking up at these stars
Wondering where they are
I thought I could reach up and grab one
Thought I could hold it in my hands
I didn't understand how it could be
That the stars are burning me

I'm on fire
I'm on fire--put me out
Can't you hear me shouting over here?

Just another would be
In the background singing
the saddest song you've ever heard
But you had the volume down
You can't hear me
I'm ashes on the ground
You can't feel me

I disappear
In this California wind
Ashes and dust
From what I thought would be a gold rush

Washed away to the sea
There's me
The insignificant parts
of the girl I used to be

If you listen closely
You can hear me on the wind
Singing the saddest song you've ever heard
And every word is true
Every word

Thought I'd take it
Thought I'd make it
But now I'm breaking down
I thought I would be gold dust
Thought this would be a gold rush town

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