by Palwasha Ehsan

First Stanza;

Remember the time when we met,
It seemed like sparks flew all around,
I thought your love was something I was not gonna get,
And the sparks crashed down to the ground..

We walked, walked and walked,
I kept talking and you kept listening,
It seemed like you were in my heart tightly locked,
Suddenly, you said something and I started giggling,
Baby, the words 'i miss you' are which I just wanna say,
Loosing you has a price, I don't wanna pay..


And you said "C'mon, let's go, I know you trust me, you know i love You",
But baby, how hard it is to do that you don't even know,
I can't pass this through
Cuz without you,
I'll loose my GLOW..

Second Stanza;

And Yeah, we sat at the same bench, where I'm sitting right now,
I couldn't help but fall in love with you,
But you don't know, you're not the one you were years ago,
You crashed, you burned and lost your mind,
But baby someone like you is really hard to find..

I don't wanna open the same gate;
I don't wanna meet the same fate,
Back then, in my dream, 'LOVE', You and Me together, that's what it meant
But now, it's not the one I always dreamt

You keep talking and I know you won't stop,
But, Baby please just stop,
You're the one I love so,
If you leave, I'll be left with my tears to mop,
So baby, Please don't go;
Cuz without you,
I'll loose my GLOW..


Whatever I say, I'll say it so aloud,
So you can hear it even in a huge crowd,
Don't forget me, because I didn't forget you,
And say you love me too,
It's not that I love you so,
But without you I'll loose my GLOW..

But whatever you say, I'll hold my heart tight,
Cuz you always said it was too fragile to fight
But, whatever you do, just don'y go
Cuz without you, I'll loose my GLOW..


Yes, because without you,
I'll loose my GLOW,
I'll loose my GLOW..


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