Friends of the Expo—Songsalive!

In 2007, at the Santa Barbara Wine Country Expo, the talented and entertaining Gilli Moon, brought her high-energy and instructive music-biz insights to our event for the first time. As Co-Founder and President of Songsalive!, "gilli" has established chapters around the world hosting workshops, showcases and other programs for songwriters. Be sure to visit!

Gilli Moon Gives Marketing Tips at the Expo '08

Gilli Moon From

Songsalive!® is a non-profit organization dedicated to the nurturing, support and promotion of songwriters and composers worldwide. Founded in 1997 by Gilli Moon Aliotti and Roxanne Kiely, in Sydney Australia, Songsalive! is run by songwriters for songwriters and now has over 20 chapter cities around the world. It acts as an epicentre, a heart of the international songwriting community and music markets, bridging the gaps, tapping songwriters into the pulse of the business and at the same time giving them and their music the support they deserve. Through Songsalive!, songs and songwriters can be accessed by the whole world and when the hunt is on, Songsalive! is a one-stop song shop!

Songsalive! gives life to songs, provides opportunities for collaboration, creates awareness about original music, promotes and educates through an amazing network of programs providing access between songwriters and music business professionals. With its head office in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles CA, Songsalive! has many chapters and conducts programs around the globe. Publishing companies, record companies, venues, managers, producers, schools and music associations are teaming up with us to create the chain of support and networking.

Songsalive! is also raising awareness about global, humanitarian and social issues affecting our world. We are doing this by collaborating with other non-profits specializing in these areas and also through the power of music and the music industry – staging concerts, events and programs that raise this much needed awareness. See more about our Global efforts here. Songsalive! is also about revolutionizing the music business to create change for artists. Songsalive! focuses on a high concept goal of changing the music industry to focus more on artists', songwriters' and composers' needs. We continue to foster, sponsor and support music conferences, song retreats, workshops and seminars across the continents.

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