Friends of the Expo—Rich Goldman and Riptide

Rich Goldman

From the DSE: Rich Goldman will be attending the 2012 Expo and will be sitting in on the Film/TV panel. Rich has been with us a number of times and his companies have found many songs through the Expo that they have been able to place. Rich is the person who ultimate decides the winner of the Write With A Hit-Maker Film/TV category that will be ending Feb. 17th 2012. It's a good way to catch his ear but you'll find Rich most amiable in person as well! Thanks Rich!

Rich Goldman is founder and President of RipTide Music, a leading music Synchronization/ publishing company in Los Angeles. RipTide has solid success in licensing for television, movie trailers, films, video games and advertising. He is also President of Pacifica Music, a modern genre production music library.

Rich is a lifelong musician who has amassed a broad range of industry credits as a producer, composer, engineer, sound designer, and recording studio operator. Rich oversees RipTide and Pacifica’s representation of the works of hundreds of composers, Indie-bands and singer-songwriters.

RipTide’s credits range from the movie trailers of “Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol”, “The Amazing Spiderman”, Snow White and the Huntsman” TV shows; “90210”, “Entourage”, “The Good Wife”; Video games; “Call Of Duty:Black Ops”, “Guitar Hero 5”, “Forza 4”; commercials for “Nissan”, “Puma”, “Aidan Mattox” and Films: “Scream 4”, “The Fighter” and ”Contraband”.

A few of Pacifica’s credits include: YouTube, Target, Apple, Dunkin’ Donuts, VW and Toyota.