Durango Songwriters Expo

Friends of the Expo—Madonna Wade Reed

Music Supervisor, Whoopsie Daisy Music

Madonna Wade Reed Madonna began her career as a producer’s assistant in feature films. From there went on to work as an assistant to a well-known actor and then a successful commercial director. A love of music lead to a career move into music video production and eventually into the position of Head of Music Video at Spy Productions in Los Angeles. This move offered many great opportunities to help develop directing talent.

Madonna then segued into a career in music supervision – first, as a partner in Daisy Music and now as owner of whoopsie daisy. Madonna’s television career has included work on series such as Charlie’s Angels, Blue Mountain State, Smallville, Castle, What About Brian, Barbershop, One Tree Hill, Alias and Felicity and such films as Fred: The Movie, The Perfect Score, My Boss’s Daughter, Careless and the yet to be released A Thousand Words starring Eddie Murphy and Kerry Washington. Madonna is currently supervising the third season of the SpikeTV series Blue Mountain State and Jane By Design for ABC Family.

Madonna has been a guest music industry pro at a number of Durango Songwriters Expo events. She is always approachable and is a great asset to any conference. Madonna passed on these important tips after the Expo, about submitting your music to a music supervisor.


From Madonna Wade Reed:

I think it's worth mentioning that I've been trying to load in many of the cds given to me by the songwriters from the last retreat.

It's really really problematic. Many of the cds show up in my itunes with no track names (just track 1, track 2 etc). Then to make matters worse, the track names are written on the actual cd so I can't see them. I have to take the cd out, write the track names on the cover and then put the cd back in and type the track names into itunes myself. Some cds have no track names anywhere on the cd or the case. All in all, it's not the way to submit a cd to anyone in my profession. Here's a short list you might want to post or share with your participants, especially the ones who are coming to the next retreat.

Go ahead and send your music but please note that I have strict guidelines for submissions.

1. track list provided (on cd case, not cd itself)
2. contact info on the cd case somewhere
3. writer/publishing/master information
4. Your cd, when it pops up in iTunes, must be labeled correctly: title under title, artist under artist and most importantly, name and a form of contact info in the comment column. This means learning how to do gracenotes.

Note from Expo: ID3 Tag Editor may be helpful to you as well.