Friends of the Expo—Hello Music

Hello Music

From the Expo: Songwriters, help us welcome Hello Music to our 2010 Boulder/Broomfield Expo! Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to see what Hello Music can do for your career!

Hello Music is dedicated to help musicians broaden their fan base, land shows, get music placement, and provide other music industry opportunities.

It’s FREE to sign up and submit your music to opportunities on, AND you keep all the rights. In-house music screeners listen to all your songs, send you an A&R feedback report, and then help pair you with industry opportunities that will help give you presence to a larger fan base, and possibly some that will make you some money!

Here are a few Hello Music opportunities that caught our eye:

LICENSING Opportunities - Hello Music pitches songs to PlayNetwork and major music supervisors to help you gain extra promo and make some money if you get your music placed in film, TV, commercials, video games, and retail stores.

YAHOO MUSIC - Get exposure and airplay on Yahoo! Music's Unsigned and DIY Channel.

ROOTMUSIC - Spice up your band's Facebook page with an excellent BandPage from RootMusic. RootMusic and Hello Music are selecting one Hello Music artist per month to receive a free one-year subscription to the BandPage Plus service.

TUNECORE - 30% discount. Every Hello Music artist can automatically get a 30% discount on Tunecore services. Want your music on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and other music distribution sites? Tunecore can help you make it happen.

All you have to do is go to, upload your tracks for free and view the rest of Hello Music's opportunities all designed to help emerging artists like you.

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