Friends of the Expo—Bruce Burch

Hit Songwriter Bruce Burch

When Bruce Burch comes to a songwriting event, he brings a lot of talent and personality, coupled with deep experience. He first took part in Durango years ago as Creative Director for EMI Music Publishing. Bruce has had an up-close view of the business of songwriting from all angles. He's written hit songs, headed his own publishing company, and now serves as Administrative Director of the Music Business Program at the Terry College of Business (University of Georgia) in Athens.

If you're looking for "one of the good guys" in the music biz, contact Bruce Burch at or on MySpace.

"[Bruce] Burch penned two top 10 hits: 'Out of Sight and on My Mind' by Billy Joe Royal, and 'The Last Resort' by T. Graham Brown. Then Reba McEntire recorded a song Burch co-wrote called 'Rumor Has It,' and it became a No. 1 hit in 1990. The irony is that Burch had met McEntire in 1977 when she made her first Grand Ole Opry appearance and checked into a motel where he worked as the front-desk clerk. A few years later, McEntire came into a restaurant where Burch was working as a waiter; he waited on her table and used the opportunity to chat her up. Two years after that, she recorded his song. And two years after that, she had a second No. 1 with 'It's Your Call,' another song Burch co-wrote. 'I tell the kids that one person can make your career,' he says. 'And you never know who it is going to be.'" —

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