FreeStyle Rap


my name is
yasmine, yasmine
people underestimate me, they think im
But in reality Im sweet & kind
but if ya mess wit me then
count me out cho' partna in crime

i like to watch the stars
with a boy names Lars
but he lives so far away yu'd think he's from Mars
i love him so much tho he lives afar...
from me, but so what?
if he's livin abroad
he's so damn smart!
his vocabulary is mad sharp
statistics keep on sayin dat hes off the charts
we got haters aimin at us like
we playin darts

we belong together like
bonnie & clide
& our love is more lasting than the new gum, Stride

lookin fresh 'till death
and we so fly
got my haters peekin at us
thru theyr GodDamn windpipe

it's been a long day now
so let's wrapp things up
yasmine shafik will now
exit & walk my strut
peace be upon ya'll,
im bout to leave
deuces to Lars and all
maybe now they will believe,

dont greive or heave no sighs
imm off this crappy rap
just a word to the haters who cant stunt
like Lars & I, Goodbye .

_ this is just a freestyle, for fun thank you for veiwing!
-yasmine shafik <3 ( i was pretty bored) ;)

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