free to the life

by alejandro carrasco
(georgetown,texas,united states of america)

rat a tat tat alwayz on the streets packing gats writing insane raps where all these girls run and jump on a lap tap dancing for you while they stripping limp pimping no visit just of my choice why i resisisted listen to the talking walking to the prison where they locking my kind up like it was candy for all the youngsters on their feet can you feel the heat of the struggling men been true to these streets ever since i was ten chasing hens wasting pens make it to the top cuz you kno well win taking small shots of gin catching a tin buzz as we running and gunning all the way you trust them men that dont sin put rim all the way on jumping 22's this life i never choose failuire not an option tripping over a black president let all the races come together trying to do it cuz i aint no quitter making mysteries like that boy riddler we did it all and we aint ever gonna fall we stand so tall calling an uhaul like darth mall we both go double never the good kid always in trouble huddle like we playing football so many of these teachers want see me fall but i wont take it i will make it stacking all my money its going so high its not funny revenge is a mans way of saying hes a coward lying to the truth making a stash or a loot shoot em down help em up is wat these haters do chasing your dreams in school always in the office like a damn fool this is always bull to those being homeschooled one wish is all we ask of the man above us all lord please dont let me fall be loyal and stay true thats from me to you

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