by Zac

I'm here with you in this place with so much to say, everything on my mind. Stuck with this predicament at hand, what do you want from me? I can see the sadness that is overwhelming. Only sinking deeper bc the truth is being overlooked. Don't be a prisoner to what causes you pain. This isn't how it's suppose to be.

This bridge was built to withstand the evil things of this place. But it has slowly crumbled beneath us, let's rebuild and start anew. Because in the end, the last person left standing is you. You know were suppose to be so much more, why fight against for what your heart yearns for.

I just want an ending to this novel. All I ever wanted is for your happiness to shine through, you are worth more than words can say. You deserve the world beyond measure. Let's make a new beginning and leave the past behind. One thing is for sure, I will always love you at the end of this story

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