First time

by Lesego Elliot Modise
(Kimberly,Northern Cape,South Africa)



I'm killing the game are you feeling the pain I'm flowing insane like I'm feeling myself I remember they told me that I'm wack is it because I'm black I'm back to kill them on their necks watch out my deck my dream is to have my own record label now I am walking like I got my own red label no hard feelings please no hormony I'm eating rappers like slow motion I wish you could frame it like a photo laughing I knwo they call me crazy and I call you lazy because you jay-Z I'm to cold they call me icey I wonder which record label will sign me because I am crazy in my verses pease no "yes yes" my brand name is wizkid because I'm clever than other cats I am lyrically mad don't be sad you still wet

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