Featured Member—Brendan McKinney

Update 02.23.12: Brendan just let us know that his song "Don't Say I Didn't Warn You" (he's playing it at the Expo in the clip below) was featured on the television show Justified this evening! (Thanks Rich Goldman and Riptide!)

Brendan McKinney Best The Can Brendan McKinney is an old-hand around the Expo, having appeared many many times. Brendan is a first-class songwriter and troubadour. His songs are inspiring, heartfelt, honest...they accurately represent many sides of the American spirit and the spirit of Americana Music as well.

Now living in Eagle, CO, Brendan is already making a mark as he travels extensively performing. And his songs are already GLOBAL (dare we say "galaxian"?) as in 2011 Astronaut Cady Coleman played her flute along with Brendan's "Get Yourself Paroled" which was broadcast from the International Space Station!

Now how do ASCAP, BMI and SESAC collect on that? Is the space station a licensed venue? :)

At any rate, Brendan McKinney has it going on!


Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Brendan McKinney has toured throughout the United States, Europe, Scandinavia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria and Greece...piercing the international music scene with his Americana tunes fused with blues and country.

"McKinney has an honest, earthy, visceral sound that speaks not only to true country, but real Americana,” says Adroit Records president and producer Jim Tract. “Plus, ironically, Brendan grew up five miles from where I did! I love that kind of irony and synergy, and we seem to experience a lot of it at Adroit. When you listen to Brendan, it's like he's inviting you into his home to share his stories and lessons of life. It's very heartwarming, as well as entertaining.

"He knocked me out from the first four bars of the first song he played for me, and Brendan is exactly the kind of seriously talented songwriter we are interested in supporting.

"It was Jim Tract’s reaction and enthusiasm for my song that encouraged me to work with Adroit Records,” says McKinney. “It’s a great lift to be on the roster.” McKinney’s song, “Yeah She Does,” is featured on Adroit Records debut compilation album "Words & Music Nashville."

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