by Juju

Intro: Juju on the beat.

Uh, Woke up from a fantasy,
I thought things come easy.
It's time to change concepts, and better get busy.
Criticised on the radio,
but those are just miner,
"Junior work hard"
those are words from my taema, Success is like a ladder,
and I'm about to climb.
I'm getting there,
it's just a matter time, I'ma stop bragging about things that aren't even mine,
Stop bragging about money,
cause I don't own that,
I'm blowing parents money,
and that's not worth bragging for.
Success is all I want ya'll,
and that is what I'm distant for.
I'm not done yet,
but I deserve this: Ladies and G's, a round of applause please..
(applause)... Thank you.

I close my eyes and I see a bright future,
I open up my eyes
I see potential in my future.
But ey,
who am I to say,
but what can I say when I spit so well
I got this game on my back,
niger like a snail shell.
I always got class,
I don't need a school bell..
Get it..?
Yea niger this is Radical,
I'm here to fix this game cause my flow's so mechanical.
School would be better if L.O had a practical of the sex section
-just a random thought-
That way leaners will never be bored
and they will never ever forget whatever they were taught.
Searching for a dopeless guy in Pro Dee
is like searching for a virgin in a porn movie,
or searching for a feget in a men's toilet..
Ma niger do you get it?
Gotdamn it's me, slick niger Junior.
I'm Rated R at the age of Seventeen
Damn, I think I'm living dreams,
Reality is jealous.
You can hate me now,
but I know you'll love me later.
In a meanwhile suffocate while you see me rise,
I'm twice as nice,
piece of cake -
I cut myself a slice, Success mm that's a great taste.
Where I'm at right now,
it's where many nigers wana be,
I'm privileged I see,
I appreciate the fact that I'm part of Pro Dee.
Hate is what I drink and I piss off this haters everytime I take pee.
To the niger who's trying to oppose me:
I think you mean 'gay' when you call yourself a G.
I'm a virgin when it cums to being defeated,
yet I still say 'Fuck' to whoever is opposing me.
'Greatness' a perfect picture,
and I'm pretty sure a prophet can even see the pose in me.
I almost lost hope,
I once told myself this rap thing aint for me,
Until I heard the crowd cheering, singing one of my verses, I must say that was inspiring.
Now I'm back on my feet,
My emotions on a race - confidence is taking the lead.
Hallelujah, God's ways are great,
I'm inspired by Love and motivated by the Hate.
I turn this beat into a Jew,
And you can call me Hitler.
Sies mahn ke sele,
jaka Steve Stifler.
I aint Barcelona
so I aint got no mercy.
Ran on this beat,
no fatigue,
no exhaustion
I don't spit I cough,
just to prove that I'm sicker.
Call it whatever,
I call it a strange abortion;
I just killed a beat that I gave life to niger

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