by faash
(Lagos Nigeria)

Intro: Willi.amx and Layce BTwist

Oohwuu yeah yeah
Ezone on dee beat baeby ahaha
I can feel dee sun in my hood
It's Layce BTwist baeby
Oh Oh
We living that goodlife
We living that Goodlife oooho oh

Chorus: Layce BTwist

I can feel the sun in my hood
Shining bright it feels good
When they heard a star was born around
They started running down to my hood
I can feel dee sun in my hood
Shining bright it feels good
And I thank the lord for all Dee blessing
He has been giving Now my tables all filled

Verse 1: Layce BTwist

Back then I swear they no believe me
When I call for the street They no support me
Anytime I go show
They no one hear me
Broke MC
Nobody been dea near me
Nowadays they no fit dare me
Now am counting little money
Now am living that Goodlife
Say ma prayers every morning
I never doubt myself
I never stop myself
I believe in myself
Anytime they laff me I motivate myself
And am a king my self
And I dea rule myself
Worked so hard that I believe in my self
Knowing that oneday I go reach myself

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: Layce BTwist

Never had a house of my own
Never bought a cloths of my own
Never had a shit of my own
Don't use to know the tins that I own
Brother I don't know if you feel my tone
Deep down my soul if you feel my pain
Every single day I be living all alone
Never had friends Only chil with my phone
Nomore hardlife Mehn am glad for changes
Hustle all day I be making this benjis
Money not fame I know am gon make this
Crying to the lord Letting all my tears drop
Praying to the lord Letting all my fears drop
Cuz I know God I know he can hear me
And I know too He is right here beside
Me So I wonna thank him for helping all my pains drop

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:Willi.amx

Omo I swear e no easy hah
I say e no easy
Back then I was broke no chizzay Haaah
No chizzay
Right now money don show am balling like a baller
Hmmm am playing like am rona
Game on point everywhere am ruler
Ooh am a ruler
From the north to the south East West am banging
Yeah no doubt am banging
Even if your hood everybody wonna see me
Like say ama lighter
Up nepa
Show stopper
Bring drama
Street trader
Show stopper
Bring drama Yeah eee yeah haah

Repeat Chorus: X2


Oh na na ah na
Layce BTwist ma brother
Layce BTwist ma brother
We living that goodlife yeah e yeah
We living that goodlife
Ah na naw
Dope camp

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