Essentara - Beginning : Intricate

by Piyush Sinha
(Silchar, Assam, India)

{Now you're gone,
You can't escape and run from your sins,
Take a look back,
I'll take you, burn you down to the core
No you say
You have to face it all alone,
Burn you down, I'll fucking burn you down } x2

This isn't the place, you can't find the solace in hell!

Hey! You! Gimme a break,
If there's a one more lie, I'll smash you two-faced face
Is this your fucking quotation?
Civilized and old generation!
Weeping on a freaking, Night(By the way who cares?)-Mare (Come to my brew)
There's nothing to fear, That's all I can say
let's get back to earlier, Here's what I used to say

"It's too far away, I shall fly away if these colors in your eyes,
In your eyes, will get faded"

Now you want to die alone, But there's something you'll never know!

It's all ruined

Is it the day we're talking about? or just a dream of mine?
Is it the tragedy we fear about? Or I'm falling down?

{Now Shut the fuck up,
And listen when I'm talking,
These circumstances comes like a problem
Don't Solve it } x2

Just leave it undone!
End your miserable life!

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