Dreams Never Die!!

by Jake Mallory
(Winchester, TN, United States)

Hello my friends, my name is Jake Mallory. I am a creative writer of all sorts whether it be lyrics, poems, graphic novels, re-imagines, or writing a fan-fiction among other types of creative writing. The creative writing that I feel is my strongest is lyrics and poems. In terms of music, I'm looking for someone who can sing to my lyrics. For the genre or type of lyrics I write, I write metal. The metal sound I go for is Progressive Metal, Death Metal, Djent, Alternative Metal, Nu-Metal, and Progressive Rock. What I write about is usually fictional characters, concepts or story lyrics, anger, sadness, darkness,the true nature of our world, and lyrics where the reader has to use thinking to find their own meaning for the song. I know I'm keeping this short but if anyone is interested in singing my lyrics or writing melodies, contact me on my email at jmallory8888@gmail.com. Always try to pursue you dreams, not matter what anyone saids. Thanks and I hope your day goes well.

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