Don't Give Up On Me Now- Finding Clarity

by Finding Clarity
(Tucson, AZ)

Someone once told me so very long ago,
That this world is coming to an end
As much as I tried to see,
My mind just could not apprehend

As I look deep in your eyes, I can see you crying
Staring at the stars, I feel like dying
You say don't give up on me now,
We've come way too far to throw our chances to be found
Don't give in to the devil's sound

I have no idea where we are,
The world still ripping apart
This is not the end, no
Just hold my hand, and we'll go back to the start


Everything's falling,
This can not be the end
My destiny' calling,
I'm not ready to go, my friend

It's over now, we've met our maker
I can't believe it's all gone now
But promise me that you won't take her

*chorus x1 1/2*

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