Dominique "FYELyrix" Brown

by Dominique Brown

I'm Dominique Brown. Lol I'm a really goofy imaginative person, which is why I love writing. I am 23 I have an associate's degree in English. Ummm..... I write all types of music, whatever is needed at the time. I love writing music and poetry it's my passion.

I have written for the gospel recording group "Submit". I also co-wrote a track for one of Brandy's many producers "The Infamous KP".

I am a choreographer as well. I teach several dance classes in the metro Oklahoma City area. I own a entertainment company called FYE Entertainment. The purpose of FYE is to assist others like myself who are trying to do what I am trying to do.

I am currently working on an album of my own FINALLY..... LOL but everything has its season, and in its season it will blossom like the springtime. I also ghostwrite but shhh.... Because I'm a ghost right? LOL Sorry just having a little sense of humor. But anything you guys need let me know.

You can contact me either by e-mail or mail 1716 N. Bath OKC,OK 73111.

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