by Nofierce

I didnt have a choice,cause the one that am suppose to belief in,didnt give me a chance.
He said belief in me,am the one,most merciful most gracious
But aint didnt see all that
i just saw the one,who i called to and fallback,feels like a heart attack
What you call that?
Every night i prayed,nothing got answered like i was offset
i got upset
mama thought was mad,because i did sat for hours talking,she thought was talking to myself but i was finding a way to reach out to him
I did all he asked me to
I prayed,i fast,i read the quran but nothing
I Didnot have a choice
it was liked i was chased in a maze and i couldnt rest
If this was a test
Then i failed(X2)
One night i just sat down
gave up
cried my eyes out
felt was knocked out
then out of nowhere
a savior came
he was dazzling with flame
though was scared,kept it behind
i was asked to follow
so i scaredly followed
He took me to his home,
Healed me and filled all my empty spaces
like a knowledge base
i was in a higher place
i found new family
Dad's name SATAN
or you can call him SAATN LUCI
my name was change to CIFER the daughter of LUCIFER....

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