Devilic soul

by Pad-lock
(8 brighton.port elizabeth.eastern cape.south africa)

Check it dow..
verse 1
it could'nt take me high,so i guess that i should fly.
Satan i know u lie,ma jesus would never die.i saw heaven n hell,like they both well.philly saved me n jesus took me from hell.i always look up n told my self that i could fly.i prayed,he came,al of the sudden i was shy.things were made in china but ma soul was made in heaven.let the world spin twice,but i believe in seven.
Angels...let me see the light n feel the power of the greatest.dancing with marria,michael check on ma pray list.
Holy holy holy lloyd,lord sha be your dentist.for those who dont understand,let me say im like a rapist.

world is burning right infront of ma eyes.nations fighting,love is gone for nw.GOD is holy if you realy praise him n flippen satan got ma people singing..
Devilic soul X4
they got a Devilic soul.devilic tryna change the world tonight...

verse 2
they got devilic soul,tonight am change the light to bright,letting ma life to shine,collecting ones n combine,praising ma GOD to die,livin ma life with lies,trying to reach his high,wish i got wings to fly.
I had enough,life is sweet like a muffin.
Walkin while u talkin times 3 on your ruffles.i met some angels out of heaven "bathi yinto"?,screamin love,claimin lies,bahlala benzizinto.
Badlaliwe,badakiwe doing things like,all black everything uk'hlanya ak'vusi zinja.
Last night,i met inspiration in the kitchen,n niggas still choppin n choppin while life is sinkin
... ... ... ...
may the peace of our lord which passes all the understandings.keep our hearts and minds in the knowledge of GOD.and his son our lord JESUS christ.through blessing of almighty father,the son and the holy spirit.AMEN

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Sep 11, 2013

Yo PADLOCK,u got it man an keep it up.
such a good,heart healing track

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