Demarcus "The Man, Myth and Legend"

by Demarcus
(Omaha, Nebraska)

Demarcus Franks
Demarcus first venture into learning music came when he started playing violin at age five years old. In his middle school days, he learned how to play trumpet, trombone, and singing in choir. When his confidence grew, Demarcus began to write, sing, and play trombone at the varsity level in high school. His variety of musical talents gave him a unique style in writing lyrics.
Growing up without a talented musical family gave Demarcus a sense to strive more musically, and to surround his writing style with different forms. Realizing that writing lyrics is his main goal, he began to work with an upcoming artist to venue his lyrics across Omaha. His songs have a unique sensation that excite and electrify audience. After sharpening his unique writing skills, he is trying to get his songs on the top 25 music chart.
Demarcus writing ambitions continue to grow. Some of his songs elements are hip-hop, jazz, and R&B. Finally, some artists that influence his musical writing talents include Ne-yo, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Deangelo, and John Legend.
Demarcus various writing style is a warm, feel good type which is mostly based on loving relationships, losing someone, and break-ups. Some hobbies he acquires in his free time is acting and modeling which motivates him to become a strong-minded, decisive person. The fulfillment he gets in his writing leads him to bond with other people and his inner self.

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